There are many types of stainless steel, in order to facilitate the memory of everyone, so in the different stainless steel do a number. Today 904L stainless steel plate manufacturers to introduce the main technical personnel, 304 and 202 stainless steel these two kinds of stainless steel specific differences.
304 stainless steel is superior to 202 stainless steel and more expensive than 202 stainless steel. No. 304 and no. 202 is the target brand, 304 is 0 cr18ni9, 202 shi 1 cr18nn8ni5n they belong to austenitic stainless steel.
202 stainless steel with Mn and N to replace some of the nickel, thereby gaining a good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, nickel in the stainless steel is a new day, his strength at room temperature higher than 304, under 800 degrees has good oxidation resistance and strength of medium temperature are non-magnetic.
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