Durable stainless steel tags are the ID of choice for the food processing industry because they can stand up to the harsh, corrosive environment. Whether you need tags for labeling your machinery, or barcoded tags to work with your maintenance software, we are here to help provide the right identification solution foryou.

 We offer two types of stainless steel tags, 316 or 304。
316 Stainless Steel: Is the most durable against heat, harsh chemicals, caustics, solvents, and other substances found in the food processing industry. These tags will not corrode away and barcodes will be stay readable. 316 stainless steel tags are thicker than 304, which makes 316 great if you plan to weld your tag
onto an asset or a piece of equipment.
304 Stainless Steel: Is the most common and widely used stainless steel material. These tags will not corrode and will last in high temperatures. 304 SS has a 2B finish, that has a dull look to it.  If your application does not require a thick, heavy duty 316 SS tag, then 304 .030” is recommended.
Besides food processing, these types of stainless steel are great for marine applications, environments with salt spray, medical and laboratory environments.

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