Lun nickel after the opening of the market continued to shock downward, short-term weak finishing, the overall market quotation loose today, 201 and 304 hot and cold rolling have 50 cut, and business feedback transaction is still part of the preferential, light and dark down double line, the level of pessimism in the market is evident

Of course, in the overall steel market situation is expected to be optimistic, but also must maintain some caution and risk awareness. The main reasons for this are as follows: the high price level is hampering monetary policy, and its easing may be weaker than expected; Strong growth in steel production, a heavy pressure to suppress prices; The outlook for global economic growth remains uncertain. Depressed by the above factors, the steel market will be wide late shock, the rise in the process of callback. 

304 is a little quiet this week. After the price rises of 50-100 on Monday, the price enters an anxious calm period. As the end of the month approaches, the sales time becomes shorter and shorter.

This morning, the qingshan agent still reported: 304 narrow-band march futures: 13300,304 four or five feet big board march futures 13400,316 L march futures 19800, the amount of the report to be approved! The weather vane is so calm, the market dare not ask for trouble. Chengde merchants can only support the spot price, 304 four or five feet big board for 13,600 yuan/ton. But it said February futures could offer a discount of 100 yuan, while march futures could offer a discount of 200 yuan. It seems that the temptation of futures again!

Market feedback clinch a deal is general, privately operated individual existence is small drop, and although mainstream trend is smooth, but Yin drops clinch a deal or inevitable. Near the end of the year steel mills are busy receiving orders, lock prices, and the market is busy throwing goods, clear inventory!


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