A few days ago, the reporter learned from the data released by the General Administration of Customs that China's imports of 310S stainless steel tube tube volume in 2010 appeared the first drop in 12 years. Monitoring data flashed. In 2010, China imported a total of 619 million tons of iron ore, a decrease of about 9 million tons from 2009. This is the first "downward" of China's iron ore imports since 1998.

Statistics on pre-history flashes. In 2000, China’s iron ore imports amounted to 69 million tons, and 304L stainless steel pipes reached 2009, and this figure has increased to 627 million tons.

In the past 12 years, the price increase has also risen. With the increase in iron ore imports, the price has risen arbitrarily. Once suppressed and accounted for 80% of the profits of steel mills. A few days ago, Liu Yongchang, a staff member of the China Chamber of Commerce and Industry Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce, sighed in an exclusive interview with this reporter. "The mad stone is gradually draining the profits of China's steel industry."

It is understood that from 2005 to 2010, China's steel price index rose by 33%, and the processing method of the frozen furnace terminal should be as high as 116%. In 2010, the profit growth rate of steel work was lower than the national average, and the whole year of steel stocks was also inferior to the overall market.

In addition, Sheng Zhicheng, director of information on Nishimoto Shinkansen, said that although the import volume of iron ore in China has definitely declined in the past year, compared with the total amount of imported iron ore, the total cost in 2010 was about 78.9 billion US dollars, which is still higher than that in 2009. An increase of $28.7 billion.

According to the "Xishiben Shinkansen spot business channel" summary data flashing, in 2010 China's iron ore import average price of about 127.5 US dollars / ton, the average land price in 2009 was 79.9 US dollars / ton, a year-on-year increase of 59.5%.

Industry experts have indicated that China's iron ore shopping malls are stunned by the “slow demand and rising prices”. Some steel mills are blindly competing for and quoting in the competition. Work should speed up the escape and control of this vicious competition. The stable development of iron ore shopping malls.

The 304L stainless steel sheet is now trading near 107.20. Investors are now focusing on the point of data such as September retail sales released in the US on Wednesday, which is likely to rise and then support the dollar. However, some organizations believe that investors should also pay attention to the US Treasury's semi-annual exchange rate statement that may have been released this week. The impairment of the 304L stainless steel plate enterprise may affect the results of the company's upcoming interim report and supply the future exchange rate.
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