Weak demand, today wuxi lianzhong 201 agent drop 50, transaction performance is general, small single tablets in the majority; 304 cold rolling today part of the 50-100, demand and lun nickel double pressure, plate volume down, dark down shipment, market operation is flexible, short-term plate volume more stable in the weak operation. 

At present, we are generally cautious about the mood of the aftermarket. Most steel traders say the price trend of the past two years is too complicated to judge, but it is true that demand is weak at present. And overall demand is expected to remain weak in May. If there is no obvious breaking news or good policy, steel prices are expected to gradually fall in May.


Yesterday afternoon, see the market as cool as water quotation and suddenly more spot, the market has the voice to say tomorrow will fall! Sure enough, this morning quotation, 201 cold rolling market to kill a! 304 cold rolling is also calamitous, it seems that the first two days of the finally exposed by 201 damage!


The market follow-up force is obviously weak. This morning, the mainstream price of cold rolled 304 in wuxi market is stable. Private chengde, hongwang and yongjinmao edge coil base price 14050-14150 yuan/ton. Nevertheless market feedback clinch a deal is general, civilian battalion exists individual small drop, and although mainstream trend is smooth, but Yin drops clinch a deal or inevitable.



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