First, the scope:

     Nominal thickness of single-rolled steel plate 3 mm to 400 mm;

     Single rolling steel nominal width 600mm ~ 4800 mm;

     Steel plate nominal length 2000mm~20000 mm;

     Steel strip (including continuous rolling steel) Nominal thickness 0.8mm~25.4mm;

     Steel strip (including continuous rolling steel) nominal width 600mm ~ 2200 mm;

     Slitting steel strip nominal width 120mm~900mm


Second, according to thickness accuracy:

     Ordinary thickness accuracy PT.A;

     High thickness accuracy PT.B

Third, according to thickness deviation:

     N deviation: positive deviation and negative deviation are equal;

     Class A deviation: Specifies the negative deviation according to the nominal thickness;

     Class B deviation: fixed negative deviation is 0.3 mm;

     Category C deviation: The fixed negative deviation is zero and the positive deviation is specified by the nominal thickness.



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