304 cold rolling today is also followed by the city, continue yesterday afternoon price rise rhythm, yesterday's jidi counterattack was clinched a deal to limit, today continue to fight, and there are steel mills to help, today hongwang up 50 reported for 14100 yuan/ton, and the market agent also more follow.

Today's market spot mainstream quotation: yongjin 14200 yuan/ton, hongwang, chengde 14000-14100 yuan/ton, month on month yesterday morning were raised 100 yuan/ton. Just always have new goods to, especially the ningbo gold spot to hail, let the market price is always facing challenges!

As for the price rise of narrow band, some people said that "because we see the nickel is fighting back, the price continues to pull up, so we try the water, anyway, the spot is not much. However, according to market feedback, the price of 12250 yuan does not move. For the decline of the board, someone said, "after all, the end of the year need to withdraw funds, low prices go goods is a common strategy."

At present, whether from the market itself, or from the external impact of nickel, stainless steel market will remain weak trend!

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