Stainless steel - the official name is not easy to rust steel, referred to as stainless steel! Only after the metal element (chromium) is more than 12% in steel, the main performance of stainless steel (official) chromium is antioxidant.
(But in fact, when the chromium content is 12%, there is no egg at all, and when there is more than 13%, the egg is used.) When there is enough chromium content, it is supplemented with a certain proportion of nickel, and a reasonable ratio of necessary elements is controlled. Interval, try to remove unavoidable harmful elements and impurities, in order to highlight and stabilize the corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance of stainless steel and other chemical and physical properties!

If even stainless steel is not clear, and blindly judge the price "high and low", then you can only get the results or satisfaction of the numbers, can not figure out the "high and low" of the price/performance ratio, like 220 yuan / gram of brass and The difference of 260 yuan / gram of gold.

The successful operators must pursue the high cost performance matched by the value and price comparison! Only "high cost performance" is the essential needs and development potential of the market!
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