To study and judge the trend of steel market needs to have an accurate judgment of its supply and demand relationship. In the first quarter of this year, how is the supply and demand relationship of Chinese steel market? In fact, it is a tight supply and demand relationship, resulting in price shocks to rise.
Therefore, the conclusion that steel supply and demand is tight in the first quarter of this year is mainly based on the substantial decline of social steel inventory. According to the market monitoring data of Lange steel network, by April 19 this year, the total social inventory of steel fell by 13.3 percent year on year, including the construction steel inventory fell by 19.8 percent.
And it is reported that due to the continuous weakening of the price of stainless steel, some steel mills reduced production in May, the demand for raw materials is expected to decline, the situation of high chromium market supply exceeds demand is becoming more and more severe, in the short term high chromium price may decline again.

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