The main reason why a business is difficult to do is because you are an ordinary person and you are fighting low prices with others. Although you think you are smart.


If you want to make business easy and make a lot of money, and for a long time, you can only take the road of shining stainless steel: signing thick, signing a warranty book, taking the initiative to return after sales; quality to do better than others, better service than others, credit than others it is good.


Let the quality of the customer compare three days, will return to buy shiny stainless steel. Let those who only buy the lowest price and pay no attention to quality walk away, and you must not regret it; because he was the last time, he became your loyal customer the next time.


Everyone says that they are real people. However, there is not enough confidence to do solid standards and do not dare to do high quality. How can you be honest and trustworthy? Only a good quality will have a good reputation, only a good reputation will last a long time. To sell good things, be sure to strengthen your confidence.



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