Part of the local construction assistance projects temporarily slowed down the procurement, and some new projects started the demand release situation is poor, so the majority of merchants in the recent shipment did not show great improvement, the average daily turnover of most merchants in the market simply maintained within 30 tons. About the afternoon most merchants are bearish mood.
Recently 304 stainless steel plate or will still remain wait-and-see, the current overall market price has been in a low level, the downward space is limited, if the market demand can not be adjusted, the role of other adjustment is relatively small, it is expected that next week domestic 304 stainless steel plate market or will continue to stabilize in the weak.
Overall, 304 stainless steel plate out of stock is still serious, although steel production gradually restored, but due to channel problems, huzhou bridge construction led to the suspension of river for three days, and jiangyin region recent ore ship sink, cause resources serious congestion, late in the airway unblocked resources under the condition of a large number of the arrival of the goods, the market still exist some downside risk. In addition, plate, the terminal demand has not been volume, downstream machinery manufacturing and steel structure and other industries demand downturn, so 304 stainless steel plate prices may continue to fall vulnerable operation.

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