This morning 304 stainless steel market mainstream product selling price again down: foshan hot rolled steel mainstream current price down 200 yuan/ton, wuxi hot rolled mainstream selling price unchanged;
Foshan cold rolling mainstream current price down 100 yuan/ton, wuxi cold rolling mainstream selling price down 100 yuan/ton. 300 series stainless steel supply pressure is very big, the demand is strong turn weak, the market mentality is negative, the volume is very light.

At this stage, the profit of stainless steel 304 is better at the price of raw materials, but the market price calculation of raw material inventory in the early stage shows a loss. Guangqing plans to limit the production of 50,000 tons in December, but the real situation still needs to be tracked; In late December, zhangpu maintained part of its cold rolling production capacity. Production capacity of steelmaking hot rolling of jiusteel during routine maintenance in December, affecting mainly 400 series;

Beihai chengde plans to reduce the daily output by 25%. The actual output reduction still needs to be tracked. Recently part of the stainless steel factory announced the overhaul, but at present did not see the essence of the impact, and the demand is still difficult to boost the price, the actual market price of 304 stainless steel or maintain a passive pattern.

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