Miele Metal Co.,Ltd. is a professional Q195 carbon steel sheet supplier integrating production, processing, and sales. Our factory specializes in the production of various Q195 carbon steel sheet.

Q195 is of high plasticity, toughness and welding performance, good pressure processing performance, but the intensity is low.

Q195 carbon steel used for:

Small parts, used to load block, rivets, anchor bolt, plough share, pipe, roof plate, low carbon steel wire, sheet, welded tube, rod, cotter pin, and stamping parts, welding parts, etc.

Q195 chemical composition (%) :

Q195 chemical composition of carbon (C) : 0.12 or less

Q195 chemical composition of manganese (Mn) : 0.50 or less

Q195 chemical composition of silicon (Si) : 0.30 or less

Q195 chemical composition of sulfur (S) : 0.040 or less

Q195 chemical phosphorus (P) : 0.035 or less

Q195 mechanical properties:

Q195 tensile strength (sigma b/MPa) : 315-430 or 021-37002018 or higher

Q195 elongation (delta / % 5) : p 33 (steel thickness or ≦ 16 mm in diameter), acuity 32 (steel thickness or diameter > 16 to 40 mm)


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