Since march, domestic 304 stainless steel plate price market is all the way down, in early march, angang lianzhong LH 1.0*1240C market quotation is about 11500 yuan/ton, and the current market quotation is about 11300-11500 yuan/ton, a decline of 500 yuan/ton; Baosteel and hongwang 304 stainless steel plate price also from the beginning of March 11,700 yuan/ton near, fell to the current 11300-11500/ ton, a decline of nearly 600 yuan/ton. Market prices continue to decline, burst not only the early excessive rise of the "bubble", but also affected the industry's confidence in the future, so how far down the road 201?

According to the statistics show, after the Spring Festival, the domestic raw material market price is a line along the way, the 201 production of raw materials such as electrolytic manganese and high carbon ferrochrome, low waste nickel iron, as well as 201 degree rise, occurred on the tender from march raw material for major domestic steel mills, domestic steel mills at present the use of high carbon ferrochrome prices in 5600-5800 yuan/tons, 50 low nickel iron using price near 2200 yuan/ton, and electrolytic manganese purchasing price is in 10450 yuan/tons, to accounting, theory in stainless steel plate production cost 304 yuan/tons near.

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