Looking into this year's steel market situation, the basic factors driving the rise of steel market in the first quarter will continue to exist in the next three quarters, and some will strengthen. For example, the decision-making department countercyclical adjustment, macroeconomic bottom and stability; We will focus on the key role of steady investment growth, and steel consumption will benefit more. China-us trade talks are progressing smoothly and market optimism is rising. Steel inventory level is not high, the confidence of market participants increased significantly.


For the market, the contradiction of supply exceeding demand is very prominent. According to the inventory data on www.my.com, the inventory entering 2019 is basically uphill. Inventory overstock is difficult to sell, late agents can be ushered in the tide of picking up goods, and met with the steel plant price this 666 operation, small make up the eyes but see a lot of risk, you?


The temperature is still rising, due to the strong support of renni, the market price in the flat market caused a ripple, but today the market has returned to calm. A lot of agents in the market to maintain yesterday's quotation did not change, there are individual wait-and-see agents choose to quote today!


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