A572 Grade 55 is in the American standard ASME SA572. A572 Grade 55 material is belong to High Tensile Low alloy steel . A572 Grade 55 also can be called High Tensile Low alloy Ni-V steel.A572 Grade 55 is mainly used in engineering structures,such as construction structure steel,construction machinery, mining machinery, heavy trucks and pressure vessels, etc..

Miele Metal supplier hot-rolled A572 Grade 55 steel plate/sheet ,and cold rolled A572 Grade 55 steel plate/sheet .The tensile strength of A572 Grade 50 is 380MPa , so we can also call this grade A572 Grade 380 .

The material also used as A572 Grade 55 steel coil,A572 Grade 55 steel strip,A572 Grade 55 steel section,A572 Grade 55 steel flat bar .A572 Grade 55 steel sheet /plate the chemical composition mainly conclude element C,Si,Mn,S and P.

Miele Metal is a professional steel plates manufacturer and supplier . We offer hot-rolled A572 Grade 55 steel plate and cold-rolled A572 Grade 55 steel plate. If you have any need of A572 Grade 55 steel plate/sheet, please contact us as following ways .

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