①316L stainless steelmills complex production rate is low, supply and inventory is still weak, support the bottom of hard-to-steel prices. Continue to be provided by the state side of the reform, all over the country have introduced plans to eliminate the impact of backward production capacity of steel.


Domestic 316L stainless steel mills, although the increase in re-production, but the rate is still low, 310s stainless steel co-statistic key steel enterprises daily crude steel production 1591900 tons, a slight increase of 2.34%, 310s stainless steel difficult to the recent steel market Bring supply pressure


② 316L stainless steel plate downstream demand is heating up, is expected to stabilize the subsequent 310s stainless steel plate prices callback pressure. The temperature gradually warmed up, and the demand for southern steel gradually developed towards the peak season.


The northern region also began to demand release, coupled with the end of the two sessions, 310s stainless steel accelerated construction of many projects under pressure, followed by continued improvement in demand for steel, 310s stainless steel helps to help the market to resist the callback pressure.

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