With the fluctuations in the sales of various metal materials on the market, stainless steel plates in China are constantly fluctuating. To improve the performance of stainless steel plates in traditional applications, they have been improving their original types.


In order to meet the stringent requirements for the application of advanced buildings, new stainless steel materials are being developed. Hebei stainless steel sheet construction should pay attention to those?


1. In order to prevent the occurrence of scratches and contaminated adhesion, stainless steel construction is performed in the state of film attachment and the like. However, as the time goes by, some of the paste residue will follow the period of use of the film.

When cleaning after construction, the surface should be cleaned with a special stainless steel tool. When sharing tools with general steel cleaning, cleaning should be performed before the iron chips adhere to the surface.


2. Care should be taken not to let the magnets, which are highly corrosive, contact the surface of the stainless steel with Shimao's cleansing medicines, and should be washed immediately if it comes into contact with them.


3. After the completion of construction, use neutral detergents and foreign materials such as cement and powder dust that do not wash on the surface.
    Since stainless steel sheets already possess many of the desirable properties required for building materials, it can be said to be unique in metals, and it continues to evolve.



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