China's domestic iron ore market price increases. In terms of domestic mines, the demand for restocked stores after the release of steel mills led to more active market enquiries, and the prices of billets and finished products rose again.

The willingness of the steel mills to purchase has been strengthened. The domestic ore market has been active and has driven prices in some regions to increase. At present, 304 stainless steel mills are relatively stable in purchasing domestically produced ores.

In respect of imported ore, the spot market of the port as a whole rose, and the transaction improved compared with the previous period. The transactions were mostly dominated by high-goods fines. The performance of the downstream finished material market was positive, and most of the steel products were shipped at noon.

Billet prices continued to rise. The steel market performed well and had a definite push-up effect on the iron ore market. Considering the above factors, it is expected that the short-term domestic iron ore market will continue to rise slightly.

According to the monitoring data of Lange Steel's cloud business platform, the price of 66% acid powdered wet basis in Tangshan is 530-540 yuan, up 5 yuan. Jianping area, 65% -66% acid wet basis, excluding tax, the market price is about 520 yuan, holding steady.

The market price of 65%-66% acid dry basis tax-inclusive cash in Zibo area is 725-735 yuan, which is stable. The reference price of 61.5% Australian fines in the foreign mining market was stable at 77.5-78 U.S. dollars. The reference price of 61.5% Australian fines for Qingdao Port was 550 yuan, up 4 yuan, and the reference price for 61% Mack powder was 520 yuan, an increase of 5 yuan.

The reference price of 61.5% PB Australian Flour in Tianjin Port was 571 yuan, up 2 yuan, and the super special powder reference price was 338 yuan, up 2 yuan.



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