What are the connection methods of stainless steel tubes

1. Card convex features:
Easy installation, the connection inside and outside are not deformed, belong to the flexible connection, easy maintenance. Scope of application: cold water system, pipeline direct drinking water system, water treatment equipment system. Open installation is more applicable, mainly considering the replacement of the
sealing ring, the hot water system to avoid using as far as possible. The advantage of this kind of connection is simple installation, convenient, easy to maintain, that is, when the sealing ring inside the tube aging needs to replace relatively simple and convenient, as long as the nut can be replaced. The disadvantage is
that the application is single, in the hot water system sealing ring aging is more prominent, the cost is higher. Dark piping and hot water systems are generally not recommended.
2. Clamping features:
Easy installation, connecting the external pipe, internal rubber ring pressure into hexagon. Scope of application: cold water system, pipeline direct drinking water system, open installation pipeline is more applicable. Advantages are: simple and convenient connection, short working hours, moderate cost. The disadvantage
is that the applicable situation is single, maintenance is troublesome, that is, the sealing ring in the tube needs to be replaced when aging is more troublesome, because the connection has been stuck, the replacement is to need to cut the two ends of the pipe fitting before replacement. Hot water system should be
avoided as far as possible, mainly is the service life of the sealing ring in the hot water system uncertainty. Therefore, the use of dark piping and hot water systems is generally not recommended.
3. Socket welding features:
Installation than the above two slightly troublesome, but it is a non-joint connection, more secure and reliable, no internal seal ring, dead connection. Wide range of application, open installation, dark installation can be, in cold water system, hot water system are more applicable, after the installation is completed once and
for all, basically no need to consider the maintenance. This type of connection has been used on copper pipes for many years, and the ministry of construction now recommends this type of connection for stainless steel joints.
(1), cost price, sales price from high to low order is: order 1 > order 2 > order 3.
(2) sequence 1-2 belongs to the field assembly type (special tools are needed), which is quick, simple and suitable for surface decoration. When the function of rubber ring is lost, the nut can be removed in sequence 1 and replaced, and the nut in sequence 2 should be replaced after sawing due to dead connection.
Sequence 3 suitable for buried and embedded wall, of course, can also be installed.
The installation of dn15-50 (dn15-20) caliber pipe is installed by pressing the clamping sleeve on the outer wall of the pipe with a special tool ring. (dn25-50) caliber pipe is installed by swelling a ring step on the inner wall of the pipe with a tool.
(4) simple introduction to installation of the clamping type in sequence 2: special installation tools are needed during installation, and the installation range is dn15-100. Insert the pipe into the pipe fitting and press the pipe wall into a hexagon type with special tools, and the sealing ring inside also becomes a hexagon type.


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