To study and judge the trend of steel market needs to have an accurate judgment of its supply and demand relationship. In the first quarter of this year, how is the supply and demand relationship of Chinese steel market? In fact, it is a tight supply and demand relationship, resulting in price shocks to rise. Therefore, the conclusion that steel supply and demand is tight in the first quarter of this year is mainly based on the substantial decline of social steel inventory. According to the market monitoring data of Lange steel network, by April 19 this year, the total social inventory of steel fell by 13.3 percent year on year, including the construction steel inventory fell by 19.8 percent.

At present, steel mill inventory is likely to become a bad break point, because in such a price, traders do not take the initiative to take goods, steel mill how to sell orders? Continue to raise prices to reduce inventory of the routine seems to go, steel mills can only cut prices in order to promote. Inventory must not rise, this is the bottom line of steel mill production.

People often think that magnet adsorption stainless steel, verification of its quality and authenticity, not magnetic absorption, that is good, genuine; The person that suck has magnetism, think to be counterfeit. In fact, this is a very one-sided, not practical error discrimination method. Stainless steel variety, room temperature according to the organization structure can be divided into several categories: austenitic body: such as 201, 202, 301, 304, 316, etc.; Martensite or ferric body types: 430, 420, 410, etc. Austenitic bodies are magnetic or weak, while martensite or ferrite bodies are magnetic. Usually used as decorative tube plate stainless steel is mostly austenitic 304 material, generally speaking is no magnetic or weak magnetic, but due to smelting chemical composition fluctuations or different processing state may also appear magnetic, but this can not be considered as counterfeit or unqualified, what is the reason for this?


The market follow-up force is obviously weak. This morning, the mainstream price of cold rolled 304 in wuxi market is stable. Private chengde, hongwang and yongjinmao edge coil base price 14050-14150 yuan/ton. Nevertheless market feedback clinch a deal is general, civilian battalion exists individual small drop, and although mainstream trend is smooth, but Yin drops clinch a deal or inevitable.


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