Weight calculation formula of decorative stainless steel tube:
The formula for calculating the weight of the stainless steel pipe is :(nozzle circumference / 3.14- actual thickness) * actual thickness *0.02491* length, of which 0.02491 is a constant converted from the density of stainless steel.
The formula for calculating the weight of stainless steel circular pipe :(nozzle diameter - actual thickness) * actual thickness *0.02491* length;
For example, the solid thickness of 304 stainless steel 51 circular pipe is 0.92. The weight of a single 6-meter stainless steel pipe is (51-0.92) *0.92*0.02491*6=6.87kg. The theoretical weight of a 6-meter long 51 circular pipe is 6.87kg.
The single weight of a 6-meter long stainless steel tube 75*45 thick 0.92 is [(75+45) * 2/3.14-014-0.92 *0.02491*6=10.38kg. If you calculate the weight of each meter of stainless steel tube, change the length into one meter.
The price of 304 stainless steel tube is about ten or twenty yuan per kilogram. Different types of 304 stainless steel tube, the price is not the same. In terms of categories, 304 stainless steel pipe classification has a lot of, the first is seamless pipe and straight seam welded steel pipe, the second is very basic
classification is the structure of 304 stainless steel pipe and industrial fluid transport with 304 stainless steel pipe. There is also a division of national, Japanese and American standards.
If it is the general material 304 stainless steel pipe, its price in the market with good manufacturer's price is also more, if used in different places, the pipe price also has difference, plus 304 stainless steel pipe was not a fixed price, so the price of steel pipe itself is maximum limit in the rise and fall of raw materials

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