It is understood that rebar prices rose by more than 10 yuan, many exceeded 20 yuan, individual to more than 50 yuan, the relative cautious wire, sheet due to demand less affected by the weather, stainless steel prices are still showing a downward trend. In terms of inventory, the overall decline continued. However, the variety varies, but the largest decline occurred in rebar.

However, it is not only the steel prices in the spot market that are affected by this, but also the direction of the latest price adjustment by steel mills. Shagang's construction steel price adjustment was stable in late July. The thread, high-line, and disk coils all executed the early-phase price; Yonggang followed its steps and did not make adjustments; and Zhongtian had reduced the high-line price by 20 yuan. The other steel mills are basically flat.

Compared with the price adjustment policy in the first two decades, the change was minor, except that the price of the thread stabilized after it continued to increase. In the same day, the price adjustment of small steel mills will also wait and see. However, the price of building materials in the spot market has obviously dropped. Perhaps this is related to the low price adjustment of steel mills.

However, judging from the policy of price adjustment by steel mills, the author believes that there is no need to suppress market sentiment and there is no active pressure transfer due to crude steel and inventory rebound.

This kind of operation shows at most cautious judgments made about the current environment, such as the steel market and apparent trends. However, stopping the trend after the tightening of the tween thread does have some impact, but it is limited. At present, the steel market is turbulent, and the steel price has fallen more and more, mainly due to the short-term advantage of existing negatives, as well as unanticipated bad stack attacks.

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