Function of precision stainless steel pipe fitting

1, 201 material gang is precision stainless steel tube corrosion resistance performance is general, most of the decorative pipe, like stainless steel guardrail, stainless steel handrail, stainless steel window and so on are basically 201 material.
2, 304 precision stainless steel pipe corrosion resistance is strong, heat-resisting, low temperature, basic for decorative and mechanical tube, due to its corrosion resistance is strong basic some coastal area will use 304 precision stainless steel pipe fittings for handrails, railings,
window and door this kind of decorative tube, and its heat resistance is strong also shaped its processing performance, such as punch, bending round basic to select 304 precision stainless steel pipe fittings.
3, 316 precision stainless steel pipe is better than 304 corrosion resistance, and the high temperature resistance is also better than 304, generally used for mechanical pipe, such as some boilers, high temperature treatment machinery parts, aviation, bearing, chemical industry and
other industries.
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