The 304 stainless steel plate has the correct method of use. Only through the correct method can it be used to ensure a longer service life and also achieve the true purification effect of the transfer material.

1. The two doors of the stainless steel transmission window should be kept in the closed state during use. There is a transmission window of the electric lighting system. Plug in the power plug first and connect the 220V/50Hz power supply.

2. When it is necessary to disinfect and sterilize the articles conveyed in the stainless steel transmission window, the power switch of the ultraviolet sterilization lamp can be turned on. At this time, the ultraviolet sterilization lamp is lit, and the sterilization and sterilization treatment is performed according to the regulations.

3. For the electronic interlocking type stainless steel transmission window, when the door of one side transmission window is opened, the other side door is automatically locked, so when the article is delivered.

First open the door of the transfer window, put the required items into the transfer window and close the stainless steel transfer window door. After the sterilization process, the door on the other side of the transfer window can be opened.

The same staff will take care of the delivered items and close the stainless steel door immediately, so as not to affect the next item.
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