T2 copper strip coil best price

Copper ,red copper : The common copper (T1, T2, T3, T4),

copper (TU1, TU2 and high purity, vacuum oxygen free copper),

deoxidized copper (TUP, TUMn), add a small amount of special copper alloy elements (arsenic, copper, tellurium copper, silver copper) four

Applications: the electrical industry, generator, busbar, cable, switch, transformer and other electrical equipment and heat exchangers, piping, heat transfer equipment, motor short circuit ring, electromagnetic heating inductor, high power electronic components, decoration.

USA Grade ASTM : C10200,C11000,C12210, C10100,C12000,C12200
ISO Grade : Cu-OF,Cu-ETP,Cu-DLP,Cu-DHP
China Grade GB : T1, T2,T3,TU0,TU1,TU2,TP1,TP2

Sheets: Thickness 1.00mm – 200mm width 20mm – 200mm length 200mm -3000mm Requirements
Strip: Thickness 0.1mm – 1mm width 10mm – 1000mm length Requirements


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