0.1mm thickness copper coil


1.The product structure is based on copper foil as the substrate, conductive acrylic adhesive as the adhesive, plus release paper.

2.Three-tier architecture is very suitable for cutter mold or the metal mold die-cutting, Can be flat cutter or round cutter to die-cutting.

3.The width of the product available from 3mm ~ 380mm. Standard length is 50m., also do 100m, 150m or longer, save customers the trouble of frequently reloading.

copper foil sheet adhesive conductive tape


Product Features

copper foil

thickness 0.009--3mm, width 10-1380mm

easier to make a faraday cage, EMI room

generally 400-500kg/roll

Physical Properties


Electrical conductivity(20°C):min 90%IACS for annealed to temper 80%IACS for rolled to temper min

Thermal conductivity(20°C):390W/(m°C)

Elastic modulus:118000N/m

Softening temperature:≥380°C


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