6063-T5 aluminum sheet

Classification of Aluminum Sheet/Plate

1. According to alloy composition is divided into:
① High purity aluminum plate 
(the purity above 99.9%)
② Pure aluminum plate 
(ingredients made from pure aluminium rolling)
③ Alloy aluminum plate 
(composed of aluminum alloy usually with AL and CU, AL and MN, AL and SI, AL and MG etc)
④ Composite aluminum plate or brazing plate 
(a variety of material compound for special purposes )

2. According to thickness is divided into:
① Thin aluminum plate: 0.15-2.00mm; ② Regular aluminum plate: 2.0-6.0mm; ③ Moderately thick aluminum plate: 6.0-25.0mm;

④ Heavy aluminum plate: 25-200mm; ⑤ Ultra-thick aluminum plate: more than 200mm;



0.2mm-350mm, or as customer required
500mm-2500mm, or as customer required
1000mm, 2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 3048mm, 6000mm, or as customer required


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